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Issam Kouzkouz : PRETTY HURTS

How do you balance between mastering photography technics and management studies?
I am still learning I did not reach the 50/50, I am still studying too (third year of university), but I worked with different brands and I am doing my best.


Issam Kouzkouz, a Moroccan photographers who worked with several brands while still being a student in Belgium, accepted to answer our questions. Tap his image to check his profile and follow him!

Advertising Photographer

What is the best social media platform to promote what you do?

Instagram, cause it’s the most aesthetical and most relevant social media for promoting and sharing photographs. I use it daily to share pictures I love, professional and personal ones. I created my account 6 years ago, it is dear to me although with the new algorithm, it’s getting more and more complicated for content creators like me to stay on the top of their game.

Which target you work most with?

For the moment I do collaborations and I participate in different contests like the Fashion Week, Vogue contest, and school related competitions. I didn’t have the opportunity to shoot for events and I also don’t see myself as a wedding photographer.


What was your first camera?

A Canon EOS 1100D and I still have it actually, I shoot with it most of the times. Sometimes I use a Canon EOS 5D for fashion shootings, cause it gives a special frame to the picture so I tend to use it too.


What is your favorite camera?

Canon EOS 1100D, as I said it was my first gear. As Drake said “Started from the bottom now we’re here” [haha], actually not there yet but sure I am on the way. It was actually a gift from my father, he was always encouraging me and that was one of many of his contributions.

What was the first picture you liked doing?

Last year I worked on a photo shooting session, free subject, and I worked with “the burqa” as my main subject, to shift the image given by the media about women’s dress code in Islam, since I study in Belgium and that’s a pretty sensitive topic. I did the shooting in a catholic school, the result revealed a nice contrast.

What is your favorite photography tips you would like to share with photographers?

If everything is art, you have to try everything, and experiment to know what is good for you.

What is the one thing you want to change to make a perfect photography?

Lighting, light is the key for a beautiful photo, it’s true that sometimes you intentionally use weak lighting to create a different mood in the picture, but if you want a perfect picture you need to hook it with the best lighting you can get. I personally never take pictures facing the sun because it makes my pictures too bright and casts awkward shadows especially on faces if am doing portraits.

How did you come up with the picture nominated best Ta7rir contribution in January 2018?

It was a personal project, I wasn’t thinking precisely about violence, I simply took a picture from a dream. The process was long, I had to wake up at 4 and physically note down my dream that was about a fairy in a kitchen, so I had to illustrate exactly the main decoration I pictured in my dream with the relevant costume and everything, with the knifes behind which happen to perfectly project the matter in a violent context.

How did majoring in Management help in your photography career?

I like perfection, maniac when it comes to details, I work so hard in a way I can turn poop in a toilet a real beautiful masterpiece, I will make it look glorious, I can make you buy the picture in the end.

Ta7rir is a non-governmental organization, launched to support creatives addressing social and economic challenges, with a focus on their freedom in proposing alternative solutions, far from any form of censorship and limitations.

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